Must … get … moving …

Whew. Yesterday was nutty. Work was really good [if tiring], and then I came home to wait for the UPS guy. After that, I had to drive back across the county out to Amy and Jeff’s to go take care of the cats. They’re fine, but they’re starting to miss their humans … Edmund kept squeaking meows at me if I wouldn’t pay him attention.

Then I got back home, got started moving some things in my room, and Todd calls about dinner. I met him, Anthony, and Justin at Wings. Mmmmmmmm. Got home, and it was 9:00-something. We then had to watch the end of the Blues-Red Wings game [shame on St. Louis fans for leaving that game early!], and then I went to work on my room and the laptop.

I’m really not trying to think about when I went to sleep. 🙂

Ah well, I gotta get going.