Good Times

Today is my last day as a man without a college degree.

Today has been a good day nonetheless.

My folks got into town this afternoon. I dragged them to the Po-Boy Factory in Five Points, which they all loved. I finally broke down and had the alligator basket. Alligator tastes like … chicken. Tough, chewy, shrimp-brushed chicken. Mind you, it was an interesting meal, and I’m certainly full, but … I’m not sure what I expected. [Except maybe the Crocodile Hunter jumping out from behind the counter and saying, “That meat is beyooooooooootiful!” If he had, I’d’ve dunked his head in the deep fat fryer–the freak.]

Talked to Sarah a bit today. I can see why Todd loves this girl so darn much. She is quite a cool person. I scored us [being me, Todd, Sarah, and Samantha] tickets for Star Wars Episode II–the 10:45 showing Thursday night. Samantha requested [and I concurred with her] the 7:30 showing, but I went with what had seats for. A brother’s got to do what a brother’s got to do to go see him some Star Wars. After watching the trailers, I’m pretty amped to see the movie.

Well, I think I have a proper amount of laundry ready for tomorrow. Time for me to add this entry, clear the stuff off of my bed, set my alarm for 5:00, and go to bed. I want to make sure I have everything I need for Commencement first thing in the morning, and since this begins a new period in my life, I need to take some time to think, reflect, and get down on my knees and thank the Good Lord in Heaven above for not letting me screw up graduation. To God be the glory on this one, folks.