Guests, Guests, Everywhere Guests

Mom and Dad called a bit ago … they’re here in Huntsville. I called my grandmother … my brother should be there in fifteen minutes or so. It’ll take him a couple of hours to get here; they should be here by 4:30 or 5:00.

Me, I’m stuck up to my waist in computer parts. Todd bought a NetGear wireless access point today, and we’re trying to get it up and running. Right now, though, it’s not wanting to work … I think that part of it is the fact that Knology wants to recognize a specific MAC address on a network card [thereby attempting to limit you to just one computer on a connection]. Our sweet little 4-port D-Link router/firewall will clone any MAC you tell it to clone, but I haven’t found anything on the NetGear that will let me do it. There’s supposedly some ISP’s where you need connection directions, but Knology isn’t listed.

At this point, I’m like fuggit! I got family here, yo. I’m going to sign off and go clear some stuff out of here. I can barely walk in my bedroom! 🙂