Have I ever mentioned just how much I admire Willem Dafoe?

Oh, I probably haven’t. I’ve seen more movies in a theater in the last year than I have in the last, oh, five years, probably.

But anyway, Willem Dafoe rules the house in Spiderman. At times, Tobey Maguire is good as Spiderman himself, and then sometimes, I was left thinking … “ugh”. -shrug-

It’s interesting. I’ve never been a comic fiend, so the backstory on the movie was actually mostly new to me. [Really. I was an abnormal boy, I guess.] I got the feeling that the story was told pretty well. Of course, there were those delicious Sam Raimi interludes that made it all worthwhile.

-yawn- Now I’m starting to get sleepy, but John’s online, and I don’t ever get to talk to him …