Good Day

Oh, yes, it’s a good day. Today is the culmination of five years of hard work, apathy, dedication, indifference, enthusiasm, and slackerdom.

Today is the day that I walk across a stage set on the floor of the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and receive my Bachelor of Science in Engineering [BSE] degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering. Of course, the piece of paper will just say “Bachelor of Science in Engineering”, as all UAH undergraduate engineering degrees do. The only difference in my degree and, say, Todd’s is the name and the date awarded. [Because UAH was stupid, they don’t have “Cum Laude” on Todd’s engineering degree, although they did put it on his Spanish degree. Silly UAH.]

I wake up today excited, but not about that, exactly. Doug says his college graduation was like a divorce. Of course, Doug hated school. In my own way, I’ve hated studying engineering at UAH–knowing that it’s not what I’m meant to do with my life–but I love this school. It is my home, and in a lot of ways, it probably always will be.

Here’s hoping I don’t trip and faceplant while going across the stage … 🙂


  1. Would you just go get your degree?! Geez!
    That’s all right. 364 days from now, I will have mine own degree to be proud of. I think I’ll put a counter on my website.

  2. Hey, now, I went and got it.

    "Best Gift" award goes to Kat and Sean for papering my truck with Post-It Notes.

    [All semester, when Kat would see my truck, she’d leave a Post-It Note on it. I started joking that she was stalking me around campus. It grew from there. I saw it from a 1/16 mile off and knew then *what* it was and *who* did it. Heh.]

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