Okay, I came in to work damned early in the hopes that I could get some stuff started around here at TBE so that I could have work to do all day long.

Have I heard back from anyone? Nope.

This is frustrating. I think I’m going to head out, do a little shopping, and go meet the UPS guy at the house when he comes to bring my subwoofer amplifier. I’m not going to sit here with my thumb up my ass on the company dime when I know good and well that, once I hear from other folks, I’m going to have plenty to do later in the week. No point in wasting TBE money.


  1. Anthony [the voice of dissent] needed a gavel for Senate, and it’s bad luck to buy your own gavel, so I bought one for him. I was going to get myself a new cell phone [but with the same company so I could keep my number], but because I bought mine through my company’s employee purchase plan, I have to go through the same guy for the new phone. Grrrr.

    Other than that, nothing really all that interesting. I’m mulling spending some of my graduation money on a truck cap for my lovely truck. I’ve only wanted one since I got the truck …

  2. Yeah, you get a truck cap and it just might prevent people from putting sticky notes all over your back window (my idea actually). I do wish you had taken a picture to share with everyone else….

  3. It was your idea? YOU BASTARD! 🙂

    I wish I’d *had* the camera at the time. My folks had it. I thought about snagging it from Doug during the reception, but then Dr. Franz walked up, and I got distracted. I’m mightily pissed that I don’t have a photo of it.

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