Hurry Up and Wait

Story of my life.

I get here at 7:05 a.m. in an effort to get some things done this morning. Predictably, I’m now done with everything, and I’m pretty much waiting out the next hour until I can get down to HR and start trying not to fall asleep through all the really, really boring HR stuff I get to sit through this morning.

Mmmmmmm …


  1. That’s one of the things that I dread when I go back, HR Orientation. I was one of the first coops to be forced to go through the whole day of it, but I’m worried that I will get hit with it again. I really don’t want to sit through another lecture on ISO9000.

  2. There’s a possibility that I won’t have to go through it all again. I plan to campaign to avoid it. We’re the first to have to deal with this, so we set the presedence. So no more ISO9000 for me!!!

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