Early wakeup? Check.

Sinus headache? Check.

Lots of stuff to do this morning? Check.

The beautiful thing this morning is that the songbirds are already chirping up here on the mountain. Of course, it’s probably just some mating calls … but having the birds greet the morning is kinda nice for me, as this morning’s a bit different than the rest.

You know, I can look in the mirror and say, “Hi, I’m Geof Morris, and I’m an engineer,” without laughing … almost.


  1. Actually, you’ll say, "Hi, I’m a computer engineer." In my experience, only EE’s identify with their letters. I could posit all sorts of reasons for that fact, most likely to do with my favorite joke on EE’s … that you can’t spell "geek" without "ee".

  2. Well, I’m almost a EE. We work out of the same department. We’re in the same honor societies, etc. I noticed yesterday in the commencement booklet that you’re a mechanical engineer. Heh. 😉

  3. Yep. There is no aerospace engineering degree at UAH–well, no BSE in it, anyway. I technically have an Aerospace Concentration in my ME degree.

    This is all thanks to Alabama A&M. Don’t ask unless you want a rant.

    ME’s are roundly more employable, though, so I don’t mind. I can point and grunt, which makes me a passable ME [and probably makes me a technically competent CivE, but that’s another argument I’ll have with Todd and Sarah when they read this].

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