Okay, We’re Crazy as Hell …

So anyway, I took off work a little early this afternoon so that Todd, Blake, and I could go look at a house out in New Hope.

As Amy says, “NEW HOPE?!?!?!?!?!” As we said when we found a 6BR, 3BA house on 90 acres for $1200/mo. on a lease, we said, “This place has got to be a shithole.”

Well, kinda. From a structural perspective, the place appears sound. [I’d like another trip out to look around and knock the walls, take a tape measure and mark some things down, maybe crawl under the house, etc.]

The phrase in real estate is “location, location, location”. Some would say that a 30-minute commute to work sucks. Me, I think it’s an opportunity to wake up. That’s only 15 minutes longer than my current commute, anyhow. And in terms of “location, location, location”, well, when you have a setting like this to live in, well, you start thinking about how nice it would be to have a nice relaxing drive.
The new Club Todder, perhaps?

The place looks like crap. It will take some work. But we’ve been wanting to add another person to the Club Todder Crew if we moved somewhere that could accomodate someone, and hell, this could accomodate two more people.

We’re thinking about it. I wasn’t taking it seriously before we got out there, but … man. I think we’ll be out there this weekend to walk it again, and I’ll take the digicam all through the house.


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