South-Facing Windows

You know, when we first moved up on Monte Sano, I was afraid that I was going to hate having south-facing windows. Todd, Blake, and I are all very hot-natured guys … mortals begin to shiver when they enter Club Todder. 🙂 South-facing windows seemed likely to kill our electricity bill [and, in some ways, they have].

However, the good thing about them is that, in the morning, they let in a lot of indirect sunlight, allowing the dawn to greet me cheerfully but not obnoxiously so. Though I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night [despite not going to hang out with SGA people after meeting for the express purpose of going to bed early], it was really rather early to get up this morning. I credit an early dawn–it got light up here around 5:40 a.m.–and a nice set of south-facing windows for this.

Now, if I could only credit it with giving me an insta-shower that would mean that I was almost ready to get out the door … 🙂