You may think that the number of entries today signifies a lack of work on my part.

Trust me, I’m actually working quite hard today. I just take a break every once in a while. I multi-task quite well … it’s just that I tend to multi-task with a browser window open and GreyMatter at the ready. 🙂

My boss said to me earlier, “Thanks for staying on top of all of this. We’re so busy right now, that without your help, we’re going to get really far behind.” Ed’s right–and that goes for the whole group. We’re swamped enough right now that sending someone an email isn’t the greatest idea in the world–you really need to do a face-to-face followup.

It’s quite interesting working in a project office, I assure you. It’s a microcosm of, well, the Indiana Jones School of Management. There is no plan here. Many schedules, no plan …