Vote Early, Vote Often

There’s a trend going now, and I’ve jumped aboard the bandwagon.

This year’s MLB All-Star Game will be played in Milwaukee. That’s the home of the Brewers, owned by a trust owned by MLB’s “Commissioner”, Bud Selig. Dear Bud tried to contract the Montreal Expos and Minnesota Twins out of existence–disenfranchising them and dispersing their players–in the offseason.

It didn’t work, but there are plenty of people [myself included] that are quite upset about it.

So, if you find yourself bored when you read this, go take the advice of this site and go vote for all Twins and Expos players. You’re looking for guys with MON and MIN by their names.

I don’t even care if you like baseball. This is your opportunity to mess with one of the dumbest people in sports and send him a message that the audience is more important than the participants.