Attack of the … Blockbusters

It’s amazing what a half-decent night’s sleep will do for a body. While I’m not 100% thrilled to be going into work less than 12 hours after I last left there, the mind has been able to shush the body’s objections to doing so for the time being.

I’m getting pumped up about going to go see SW: Episode II tonight. Three years ago, PJ and I won four tickets to a 5:00 a.m. showing of Ep. I. I spent the rest of that day going, “What the hell were they thinking with this stupid Jar-Jar Binks character!?!?” I think this time around will be just a bit different.

Seems like a half-decent summer movie blockbuster season. [-pause for Amy to shriek at her monitor-] I actually think that Sum of All Fears isn’t going to piss me off when I go see it, so I probably will head to the theater and watch it. It’s got Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan, and while Ryan’s character in the Ryanverse is in his mid-40s by SoAF, I’m going to suspend disbelief as best I can. If nothing else, I’ll just imagine him talking to Jay and Silent Bob off set ….


  1. You know what bothered me for just a second about the subject to this post? A couple of Blockbuster video stores in East Central Alabama (one in Heflin in Cherokee County and one in Anniston in Calhoun County) were robbed and everyone in the store was left dead in very recent history. I heard about it yesterday from a friend of mine down there.

    Thankfully no one I know was hurt, but still freaked me out.

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