Lazy Day

It’s a beautiful day in Huntsville: mid-60s, not a lot of wind, mostly sunny. It’s a great day to sit outside and do a variety of things. I think I’m going to go out after a while and do some things on my truck–another pass at cleaning out the back end, another pass over the vinyl parts of the interior with some Armor All [I missed some spots on Thursday], and maybe get things ready for the stereo installation that’s imminent.

I’ve got the soundtrack for the day … thanks to the great folks at Grassroots Music, I now own three Pierce Pettis CD’s, and from the MP3 playlist I have of him right now, they all seem to be quite excellent. Not that I expected any less, but some nice contemporary folk [with a skosh of a spiritual flair] seems to be the nice frame for a day such as this one. [Pettis wrote a song Garth Brooks once covered: “You Move Me”.]

Don’t you agree?

Hope it’s as nice wherever you are as it is here …