License Plates

IJSM ORG on an Alabama license plate.
If I got a license plate that said “IJSM ORG”, would that be tacky, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, or all of the above?

Update: Doug came up with a mockup of what it might look like. Thanks, dude.


  1. (D.) money that could be spent on a ‘Helping Schools’ tag?

    Does the seven-character limit allow for spaces? I mean, I can just see someone pulling up behind you and thinking:

    "Ijs morg? What the heck is that?"


  2. I don’t know if the seven-character limit allows for spaces. Currently, I have a UAH tag [UAH 788, to be exact], as I prefer my money to go to UAH’s scholarship fund since it helped pay may way through school.

    If it does allow for spaces, I might have to put a dot in the middle of the space, just to make it quite clear … either that, or I need a window sticker. Yeah. A window sticker. 🙂

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