Wacky Work

Here’s what’s a harbringer of things to come:

I work 80-hour pay periods that run two weeks. That’s ten working days, so you can do the math with me … that’s supposed to be eight hours a day.

As of today, I have clocked 58.5 hours this pay period [and, now that I think about it, I need to throw in another hour for some time I’ve worked on this one project that I still don’t have a charge number for yet], and there are still three days left.

Does that mean I’ll work three seven-hour days?

Hell no.

I’ll probably be “donating” some time on Friday. We don’t have overtime on this contract, but we do have work to do on it. As Dad says, “Welcome to the engineering world.” I’m not truly complaining, though, because if there’s nothing pressing Friday after lunch, I get to leave and start my weekend early … but then I might have to work Saturday, so that doesn’t do me too much good. 🙂

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