Lazy Day

On Amy’s advice [yes, dear, I know I can take it], I’m doing as little as is humanly possible today. I just finished playing NHL 99 on Todd’s PlayStation … it’s urging me to give in and buy a PS2. I won’t break until we’ve all moved, for a few reasons:

1) We’re going to be paying rent on two places for June and July. Seems silly to spend more money.

2) Once we move, we’ll have more people to use it, and it’ll be worth our while then.

I can hold out, though it’s hard. But other than that, I’m not going to do much else. Hell, I don’t plan on even leaving the house. We have food here, and what’s the point in getting cleaned up to just drive around? None, in my book.

Lazy bum? Bet your ass.


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