While I’m bouncing a bit to Full Plates Mixtape.002, it reminds me of listening to this disc the other day in my truck. I was dressed for work because I’d just gotten off, and I smiled at a couple people on my way back to my truck as they entered the convenience store I’d just left. I got in my truck, and the radio returned to its previous volume [and bump] level.

It was amazing to watch the facial expressions on the white folks’ faces change.

What was this disc? Well, might give you an idea–it’s Christ-focused hip-hop. [While you may find that a bit silly, it’s important; some people only listen to hip-hop, and as far as I’m concerned, the Message of Christ needs to hit people where they are. This does that.] It’s not like I was cranking up 2Pac or Dr. Dre … but I might as well have been. I got stared at as I left the parking lot.

I’m sure that if I went down there again today and listened to some of my other music, like maybe my Pierce Pettis [singer/songwriter folk] discs, I’d get a different look. Isn’t that just … strange?