Sore Thumb

I’m glad that my typing style doesn’t make use of my left thumb … ’cause that hurts right now.

Yep, I broke and bought a PS2. I’ve been playing NHL2002 since, oh, 4:30 or so. Much, much fun. If you have to ask what team I’m playing with, you’re not paying attention. 🙂 [The Bruins, of course.]

Observations: playing at easy means football scores … naming a player after yourself may be arrogant, but when he kicks serious booty in a fight, you get all jazzed … creating a player named “Bubba Boudreaux”, making him a huge black man [like, 6’10”, 300 lbs.] and putting him on the right wing of the first line of a team from Yankeeland will cause you to crack up in the middle of the game … Byron Dafoe is da bomb.


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