Kitty-Sitting Pics

Man, it’s been a long time since I did some kitty-sitting for Amy and Jeff while they went on their vacation [so long ago … these pics were taken the same day that my laptop arrived]. Part of this is work-related; the rest is the fact that I wanted Amy to give me a thumbs-up on the photos before I posted them.

She did, and yet it still took me … about a week … to get to posting these.

But enough humdrum … let’s get to the point of the matter, eh?

Edmund Kitty-Yawns

Edmund greeted me at the door with a big old yawn, and after I’d stood inside the door a minute…

Tenzing walks away.

Tenzing up and walked away from me. He’s used to me; big brother Ed isn’t.

After I checked on the food and litterbox…

Tenzing goes for scritchies

Tenzing deigned to let me scratch his back. We stared at each other for a while: me, a dog person; them, two catsluts. Then I saw my out: the dreaded feather-on-a-stick.

Tenzing plays along

At first, Tenzing would play along, but Edmund seemed quite uninterested.

Edmund is uninterested.

After a while, though he started to show a bit of interest and even pawed at it a bit.

Edmund might be interested.
Edmund is a little interested.

After a bit, they started to play together, acting like the brothers they are.

Brothers at play.
Brothers gotta HUG!

Of course, I think they had so much fun that they barely noticed that I left…

Farewell, human.

They’re all right … for cats. 🙂


  1. hmph. My kitties are adorable. 🙂 You should see Snugglebeast…errr…Edmund…when it’s just Jeff and I in the house. He’s a spaz by nature, but he’s just the sweetest.

    Dogs are…ok. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  2. The sweetest, cutest cat I’ve seen yet, though, is Cheetah. He’s too cute and adorable! and he’s even portable (ie, he’s so small he still fits in your hand)

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