Just … Shocking

You know, I’ve not read the local paper in a while, nor have I paid much attention to the local news. I remember a couple of years ago when Brittany Benefield made headlines for being 15 and attending UAB. I pay attention to UAB when I can; they’re a sister school, and I watch them.

So I read her story about slipping into alcohol, drugs, and sex with athletes at UAB, and I understand one reason why Ann Reynolds isn’t President at UAB anymore. This year, I was much further out of the loop with the UA system schools … but this is just … hell, I don’t have a better word than “disgusting”.

What the hell was UAB thinking?


  1. He’s turned out well because he had the parental supervision all the way through his undergraduate. That and I don’t think that he had football players buying him beer and drugs and trying to have sex with him.

  2. The sad fact of college athletics
    is the college athletes are
    no better than trained circus
    animals. All college athletic
    programs should be extinguished

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