Well, I’m going to continue doing UAH Radio broadcasts of Charger Hockey next year. Mike [Puddin] posted a partial schedule, so I decided to play with a bit while I’m killing time waiting for it to get closer to church-time and see what I could find for itineraries.

This is going to be quite painful to my pocketbook. See, with work, I pretty much need to fly out of Huntsville [or Birmingham, or Nashville] on Friday mornings on away weekends. I won’t have the flexibility to leave at the ass-crack of dawn on Thursdays like the team does; maybe Mike can travel with them and get dispensation from work and school, but that’s not going to happen for me. I knew that, though, and so I’ve planned on paying my own way as much as it’s feasibly possible to do so.

This is going to be expensive, though. Fun, yes. Worth it, definitely. But man …


  1. Well, I have a quandry on that. I’ll probably get to take advantage of that once or twice (Fall break, over Christmas break, etc.) because I’ve got my schedule set up so that I have no Friday classes.

    More than likely this will involve George and I driving out of Huntsville like thieves in the night on Thursdays on a regular basis.

    But, if I can get this 32-hour job at work, I’ll cut my class schedule back from 18 hours to probably 9 (graduate a year later), and it may work out a little better.

    Or, how about an 18-hour MW schedule? I’M CRAZY!!! 🙂

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