Verity of Life #247

Only trust those people whom are within arm’s reach.

Only love those whom you trust.

When those you trust prove themselves untrustworthy, you must remove your trust from them until they can restore it … if they can.

Removing trust doesn’t mean you have to remove love. But that love must not bind you in a situation where trust is not present.

Just something I’ve been mulling for the past few days.


  1. I don’t know – some of the people who have most betrayed my trust were well within arm’s reach, and some of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever known (enjoying the bald head?), I’ve never met.

    But… well, never mind – there’s too much I want to say, and it would never be enough even if I *could* get it all out.

    *sad sigh*

  2. Well – quite honestly (and I don’t just mean this as flattery), I think you’re the kind of guy that … well, if you can’t be trusted, then I don’t know who can. A few people, like you, just seem too absolutely … "real" … to such a degree that my mind can’t grasp how it could be faked, and would shatter my sense of reality if it was. A subtle but central pillar of my "Matrix", as it were. =)

    But I’m just not ready to be part of an internet where I can’t trust anybody. I’d rather continue trusting as the default, as a condition which is given and has to be lost, rather than rarely given and only sometimes earned – for all the grief and burning it’s opened me to, I still think I’ve ended up much, much, much farther ahead this way rather than if I’d done it the other way around.

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