Network Not Totally Alive

Well, I was wrong.

-chuckle- CNN’s Aaron Brown just asked a talking head to “[g]ive me a definition of a single point failure.” Ummmm, how about my router?

That’s not entirely fair. The network cable that I have running into it is an awfully old cable, and it’s entirely possible that said cable is upgefucht. I’ve got a cable behind my desk that used to run to my old POS machine that should be in relatively pristine condition. To be fair, the router and cable modem used to be seated in precarious spots, and by relocating the new modem and the router tonight, I’ve probably eliminated the problem that caused the cable issue … assuming that it’s a cable issue and that the router itself isn’t upgefucht.

Either way, I’ve got some network equipment to bash into shape. I guess I should do this before I think about going to bed, since Todd might want to get online tonight after he gets in from working at the Iceplex.

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  1. Heh. I’m well acquainted with single points of failure, having helped design our campus wide server cluster. Here’s how I explained it to my mom. The goal is to be able to go up to the rack with a baseball bat, take any single machine out of commission, and have it continue to serve everything and work flawlessly. I’m presuming it works, but they won’t let me field test it. 🙂

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