Mmmmph. I sooooo didn’t want to get up this morning. I awoke amazingly enough: I didn’t set a single alarm last night. Of course, this means that a sinus headache woke me up. I hadn’t had one do that allllll week.

I can continue to bitch, or I can get up and go to work. Hmmm, decisions.

You know, I forgot to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary on my site yesterday. 33 years is quite a long time. When Jessica mentioned that her parents had been married for 22 years, it occurred to me: I’ve been alive longer than that. Maybe this doesn’t seem so odd to you, but Jessica’s just a couple years younger than me. When the parents of the fiancee of one of your best friends got married after you started to crawl around on your hands and knees, it makes you feel a little old. :p

Ooooh, and this is entry 700. 🙂


  1. It’s all good, it was to go home. Tomorrow, my father and I are going to Tulsa to watch a football game and take in the sights.

    Besides that, I just consider it practice for the upcoming hockey season. I just learned that I can hack a 8 hour car ride by myself after a full day at work. This is a good thing. Having someone (George) in the car with me will only serve to extend the time which I can drive.

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