More Than Just Vaguely Disturbing

Okay, I’d like to know whose bright idea detaining Jose Padilla [sorry, I ain’t usin’ his Islamic name … I wanna irritate him] indefinitely without charging him. Something about “writ of habeas corpus” just keeps jumping to mind.

Yes, this is a bit different, but this guy is an American citizen nabbed in an American airport. Give the creep his civil rights and nail his balls to the wall.

Just Exhibit #986281 as to why John Ashcroft needs to be removed from office yesterday.


  1. dunno man, military target, military rules.

    I personally feel that he ceases to be a citizen (ie – enjoy the protection and laws of the state) the moment he decides to take up arms against the state. i emailed you a rant on this… id love to hear your response… im really curious what you ahve to say.

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