-blink- Well, I finally got to sleep around 3:00. Woke up at 4:30. Woke up again at 6:00. Wanted to sleep in. Remembered work. Cursed mild oath, got up anyway.

One of the things I’ll do today is get my cell phone up and going again. I’ve been needing to change my plan, and this is as good a time as any. It just frustrates me that my one corporate purchase plan means I have to go through a corporate agent rather than just hop over to the mall and talk to some college freshman about a phone. First off, it’s a bigger hassle; second off, said college freshmen are usually cute girls. Alas, this is my life. 🙂

Oh, and on the off chance that it’s someone that studies at tIJSM … whoever is calling my apartment from Detroit or Cedar City, UT, would you just go ahead and leave a message? I have caller ID, and it’s depressing to see five calls from the same number.