Sleep Fungible?

I wish I could convince my body that sleep isn’t fungible.

Since I felt like crap at work today [and passed up the opportunity to have Sean cook dinner for me and see the two of us act like clowns while Kat was over watching World Cup with Rick], I came home and went directly to bed. I slept pretty soundly until 10:00, when I had the bright idea that waking up to watch Law & Order was a good idea.

/me glances at the clock and sighs

As I made my way away from work this afternoon, I brought up going to Jersey with my boss. He hasn’t made a decision yet … dammit. I think our vendor’s going to be ready to support a late June meeting with our Japanese customer, so I can’t use that as a bailout. I was wondering how I’d make the vacation time work [I got shortchanged IMNSHO on that when I hired in], but then I remembered today that I have two “floating holidays” that I can take at any time. That, combined with the fact that this week is going to be a long one, will make it work … provided that I can get out of Huntsville for two weeks.

I honestly think I can: I’ll just explain to Ed that I need the vacation, and remind him that the first week, I’ll be with youth from our church. He knows our kids, and he’ll probably consent.

Of course, all this hand-wringing is probably for naught … I still bet I’ll be going to Valcor. 🙂