Body 1, Work 0

On the way home, I started to feel like crap again. I don’t think I have Todd’s cold–I haven’t turned into a sneezing, snuffling, congested ball of goo just yet–but I’ve been fighting something this week. When I got home, I talked to Blake for a couple of minutes and then slipped into bed, ostensibly to take a nap.

I woke up 15 minutes ago when my TV had gone blank and my computer was beeping at me. Turns out that our power blipped around 10:00 p.m., causing the cable converter to flip off but the TV to stay hot, and the network had two machines vying for the same IP address. Heh. I got up, reset one alarm clock, flipped the cable back on, sat down at the laptop, beat the network back into shape, and started doing l’ tour de geeken.

I think I’m going to slip back into bed before people see me online and want to wake me up … I don’t want to do like I did on Monday night, when I slept when I got home and then was up until [mumble]. I don’t need to drop a 10-hour day tomorrow, but I do imagine that I’ll be there for a little bit.


  1. You’ll be glad to know that you can’t have my cold. After all it’s not a cold, it’s an ear infection now, actually I have two ear infections! How nice. So the doctor said I’ll feel miserable for a couple days until this clears and then I should be back to normal.

  2. Suckage, dude. I’m just glad you got it taken care of before yours ruptured one of your eardrums. I had that happen two years ago. Pain … lots of pain.

    If you keep having issues, I have an ENT for you to visit.

  3. I know an ENT who’s also a friend and fellow hockey player, so I would probably go talk to him. He’s the one that has reset my should twice. Should have been an ortho guy.
    Dr. Jasper Castillo is the bomb diggity.

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