I Love Me Some Meetings

Some days, you go home and say, “Well, I lost today.”

Some days, you go home and say, “Well, I won today.”

I think I won today. I’ve been able to keep the balls in the air in the mad juggling act that is FRAM scheduling hell, and I haven’t dropped the ball on the Japanese hardware we have. I’m currently spending some quality time reading what our vendor faxed to me yesterday, and I’m probably taking it home with me tonight [I know, I know] because I absolutely have to get some laundry done.

I’ve avoided laundry the last few days because our water pressure’s been for naught. We apparently had a massive leak in the system at our apartment complex, and they’re just now getting it fixed. Pressure went down Friday … showers have been akin to standing in the rain.

The other good thing is that the potential trip to Jersey slipped another couple of days. Perversely, this means I could technically leave for two weeks, but if I suggested that, I think I’d have two holes burned in my chest from my manager’s stare … 🙂

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  1. Geof,

    Everyone needs a winning day as often as possible. Don’t dwell on the ones you chalk up as lost days. I still take work home but I only take those things that will be fun.


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