Lazy-Ass Bum

I didn’t get to work until 9:00 this morning, despite getting up at 5:30. Why? Gran Turismo 3 is da debbil. Todd, since he’s been home sick as a dog for the last few days, has been playing GT3 and adding to our arsenal of Really Cool Cars. He told me that I absolutely had to tool around with the 3000GT that he’d souped up, and I did. ODL … >1000hp. I was all over the track and I still won, just because I could catch up like a Ferrari passing a garbage truck.

[Todd, if you’re spending another day at home … I was running that RUF on the NA Sports Cup just because we’d never run an naturally-aspirated car. But it has a turbo now, and it’s probably worth tooling around with if we need an MR car.]

I’m going to lunch with PJ at 11:00 … I haven’t told him about my, uh, haircut. We’ll see what he says. 🙂


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