“What Will Your Readership Do?”

Last night, I went to dinner with Jeff, Amy, Jeremy, Gareth, Jessica, Kat, and Sean to the delightfully wonderful Cheeburger Cheeburger. Only Kat had seen my fuzzy head before then; the reactions were interesting:

Sean just sorta stared at me.
Jess ran in and had to attempt to ruffle my hair.
Gareth strolled in, shook his head, and sat down quietly [as is his way].
Amy sat down next to me and gave me a sidelong glance that said, “You’re right, you’re not doing that again for a while.”
Jeff leaned out and gave me as close to a thumbs-up as he could without getting an Amy-elbow to the ribs.
Jeremy sat down on the other side of me, turned, looked, and said, “Those photos on your site do nothing for it. Goodness.”

We munched and chuckled and acted goofy, as is our way. I feel a bit guilty that my timing is bad for this Geekfest: I got to eat dinner with the seven of them last night, and I’ll get to eat dinner out at Tim’s Cajun Kitchen with them tonight, but other than that, I’ve been spending time getting myself ready to go to Tampa in around, oh, 18 hours. I did laundry last night, spent some time with our youth, and slept in this morning. 14 hours in a van isn’t going to be fun, even if the rest of the week will be.

Sure, normally I’d have planned ahead, but the water pressure issues at our apartment complex this week have made our washer cry out in pain when it’s run. Now we have glorious, blessed water pressure again, so all is good on that front.

You’d think that me leaving town would mean no entries here for a week. Not if I can help it. It’s not a selfish, “keep my site stats up” type of thing. No, if I don’t write here, I’ll forget. My mind is such that I have to strike while the iron is hot. Because I’ve got a digital camera to record our work in Tampa and a laptop, I should have Internet access [we’re in a college dorm, and I have a dial-up account] where I’m going. Ergo sum, you should see a daily recount of my travels–but no more than that.

So yeah, Kat, it’s not like I’m abandoning all four of my readers. 🙂