We stopped in Valdosta, like I expected. Huzzah. I can spot good places to stop; being in the lead car is fun with groups like this, because you end up setting the destinations.

Darin and I talked a bit earlier; he told me to keep the DVD off for a while in an effort to let the group interact. Oh, no problem there; my arm can only take so much laptop-steadying. Besides, they’re playing some card game up there. Not sure what it’s called, really … Peasant? Pheasant? Sounds pleasant.

We’re 20 miles from Florida, the Sunshine State. It is very definitely much warmer this far south. I thought it was hot in Alabama last week; nothing like the heat down here. Whew!

Man, I’m really, really glad that most of my CD collection is ripped to MP3. It makes it quite easy for us to have some low-background noise while we chug along down the road. It’s probably another five hours to our final destination … my back is ready for it. 🙂