Small Price to Pay

When it comes down to it, $60 isn’t all that much to pay for a couple hours of a quiet van ride.

The power inverter I bought last night at Wal-Mart doesn’t kick out enough juice to run the laptop at 100% power. I found this out around 5:45 this morning, when I realized that the laptop was running on its batteries. Oops.

When we last stopped–oh, don’t ask me where, but it was Exit 201 on I-75 South in Georgia, between breakfast in Pell City and wherever it is we’re stopping for lunch [and since we just passed Tifton, I’m betting that we’re going in all the way to Valdosta]–we hit a truck stop. Knowing truck stops, I figured I’d head for wherever I saw CB equipment. Sure enough, I found a 300W power inverter. That’s much more than the 90W my laptop adapter draws to run at full power and/or charge the battery.

We just got finished watching Men in Black, and now that the pillow pile to my left has diminished, I’ve snagged the laptop back to peck an entry. I don’t know when I’ll get to post this–like an idiot, I not only left the phone patch cable but also the Cat5 network cable. This is what you get when you begin packing at 2:20 when you’re supposed to be there at 3:00. One of these days, you’d think that I’d learn to plan ahead.

Wait, I’m the Dean of the Indiana Jones School of Management. Never mind …

I didn’t leave too much, actually: a belt, sunscreen, my MP3 player [which Lauren moved around 2:00 when she, Blake, Tim, Tim’s girlfriend, and Brian all showed up to watch Blackhawk Down], and the aforementioned cables are all I’ve noticed so far. No biggie–I’ve got the important stuff, save for sunscreen, which is a must. Other folks forgot stuff, too, and we’re probably making a Wal-Mart run after a while.

You may think that $60 for a 300W power inverter is an unwise spending choice. You haven’t spent eight hours in a van with a bunch of teenagers lately, have you? I have. It was worth every penny. It’s also got a hardwire kit, so I can put this thing in my truck back there with the subwoofer and all the other cool stuff I’m about to dump back there. More power, ruh-ruh-ruh.

More later when I have another chance to type. I think I’m going to talk to Treva for a while … she’s driven the whole way and probably wants some company. 🙂