What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Sober reflection at 6:30 a.m. EDT is always a little fun. You wonder, “Now, why exactly did I drive 14 hours yesterday to sleep in a crappy college dorm room–on the floor, no less, even though I had a ‘mattress’–what was I thinking?” Of course, this is only the sleep-deprived part of my body speaking … even now, the rational part of my brain is leaking through and giving orders.


It’s not bad at all. Were I in Jackson, Miss., and were it a week later, I’d not be in much better condition. I shan’t complain too loudly.


We got in around 7:20 EDT last night. That, in my mind, is excellent, excellent time. It was a pretty easy drive, really; of course, I can say that, not having driven a lick. The laptop was invaluable, although the DVD’s are getting stowed on the return leg. Darin’s right about interaction, although I only had a viewing of _The Others_ because they all but offered me up for sacrifice. Nicole Kidman … yummy.

The fun thing about last night was turning around and hitting the airport. We have lots of athletes in our youth group; two of them were at Birmingham Southern for a basketball camp, and three of them have sporting events next weekend. We spent about 40 minutes here at Eckerd College before Anita Hall and I jumped in her Tahoe and went back up the peninsula to Tampa International to snag Jackie and Casey. Joy, joy, joy.

Sleep came, albeit briefly, not much later. After I found my bedroll, which had made its way to the girls’ dorm. Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me? -shrug-

Mmmmm … I need to take a moment and orient my thoughts towards the challenges of today rather than the complaints of yesterday. Yesterday is immutable; today is not guaranteed to be so.