Where’s Todd When You Need Him?

We got to our worksite this morning at a reasonable hour. We’re working at D&D Missionary Homes, which provides a way station [by reservation, for free] for evangelical Christian missionaries when they need to get back to the good old U. S. of A. for a little rest and relaxation or some medical treatment. [Currently, two families are in St. Pete because their patriarchs have an unknown tropical illness.]

Our group was split into smaller groups to work on tasks. A major task involved roofing: either pulling shingles off or adding new ones to the roof. I knew that my big, clumsy self needed to not spend the day on a roof–mainly because I didn’t need to spend my night in the hospital.

Instead, we worked on replacing an appliance shed. This involved pouring a new concrete slab for the shed and then building up framed sections of the walls while the slab set. Halfway through, I thought, “You know, Todd would love the thought of me working with concrete.” So I called him up and said, “Hey, dude, you so need to be here right now. We’re playing with concrete.” He laughed and said he wished he was here.

Sad side note of the morning: Todd had picked up two Siberian Husky puppies, a male and a female, from the local Humane Society this past weekend. Sadly, the female had worms and didn’t make it through the weekend. Todd was understandably bummed, so I’m glad that I gave him a call. [Slacker: it was 9:20 Huntsville time when I called, and he was just leaving for work.]

It rained three different times this afternoon. The first two were brief, cooling sprinkles that lasted five minutes and were never very heavy. The third was an outright downpour at the end of the day that lasted for a good fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, the kids decided afterwards that puddle-jumping would be fun, and one of them found a nail with his foot. Silly Adam.

We’re potentially hitting The Pier, a rather cool mall in St. Pete, tonight for dinner. [We’re supposed to hit the beach, but the rain has stayed constant and may wash that out for tonight, which means that we’d then flip-flop with tomorrow night’s trip to The Pier.] If we go there, I’m going to hit an electronics shop and get a Cat5 and a phone line and see if I can get hooked up. I need to pay a bill, dammit …

I’m tired. I don’t guess that’s really a complaint … it’s just a fact. More later, maybe when I’m not so tired–or stinky. -sniff- Yeah, a shower would do.