Calling All Villains

I found this on alt.books.tom-clancy this morning [yes, reading Usenet at work, beats taking a lunch break]: Villain Supply. A nice chuckle-rending diversion for you.


  1. Now that’s damn amusing. One of my favorites was the Hitler Clone and the Randroid.

    I think I’ll start putting a shopping list together of things to purchase in order to take over the world. *evil cackle*

  2. Carlos wonders, how did this site get so popular? (And why was it not popular before?)

    First, Carlos saw it on Slashdot, Friday Night. (So Carlos tacked it to Cause it is SO Carlosian in nature.

    Then, at the cubicle jungle, everyone was forwarding it to him, so THEY saw it somewhere (cause they don’t know what Slashdot is – Dorks).

    Now you find it on Clancy’s Usenet.

    This is making a surge like that allyourbase banter did a few years ago.

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