Moving Fun

Well, now that Anthony has moved in and Blake has moved a chunk of stuff, it’s now time for me to start moving more and more services over to Club Todder 3. Of course, Mediacom’s Website is as useless as teats on a boar hog, so this means I get to dig their phone number out of the phone book and call them. Would it kill them to do what Knology does and show availability and price information on their Website? Let’s disregard the fact that you can sign up for service with Knology on their site for a moment–simply knowing what their costs are would be a good thing.

-sigh- Mediacom is, from what I know, the “new guy in town”, battling against Knology [formerly Cable Alabama] and Comcast, both of whom have served this area for a while. When you’re the new guy, you do one of two things to get service: offer competitive prices or offer outstanding customer service. In this market, the latter’s not going to be hard to achieve, but not giving pricing information out there? Yeesh.

If you’re wondering why I’m spending five minutes of my morning spewing vitriol about this, it’s because 1) this is our only option for digital cable and cable-modem broadband that far out in the county and 2) I just read an email from one of my customers and said to myself, “What a flaming idiot.” It’s better to bitch here than bitch at my customer. -sigh-