Alive, Yes

Yes, I’m alive. Frankly, I just haven’t felt like posting much of anything [or doing much of anything else, really]. I feel a bit better today, enough that I’m not groaning at the prospect of going to work in the morning [well, no more than anyone would when they know it’s going to be a short week with five days packed into three, that is].

About the only thing I have done this weekend is play NHL 2002 on PlayStation2. Lots of NHL 2002. More than I care to think about, really. And just writing about it makes me want to go fire it up and play another game in the season and get that much closer to World Domination … er, the Stanley Cup. 🙂 [Well, I think it’s the “EA Sports Trophy”, but whatever.]

Disturbing realization of the day: our new associate pastor at church reminds me of Jeremy. Well, what Jeremy would be if he were 34, still single [somewhat bitterly so], had a beard, and wore sandals everywhere. Dude, I want to put you two in the same room so bad …


  1. Always hope, always hope.

    I guess I forgot this bit last night … this post was made because my parents called me on my phone and left this voicemail: "Son, we’re concerned … we know you were sick, and you haven’t written on your site since Friday, so we wanted to check in with you."

    As Amy said when I related that to her: "Ouch." 🙂

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