Random Blatherings of the Schedule Weenie

Some of you are probably wondering, “Whoa, where the hell is Geof?” The both of you are causing me great worry, frankly.

[Mind you, this self-deprecating humor is spurred on by the knowledge that those folks who might get worried know exactly what’s been up with me the last couple of days.]

I would like to announce to the world that, the next time I move, I’m saving up the money to hire professional movers and be done with it. I hate moving. H-A-T-E I-T

Billy Guerin signed with the Stars. Damn him.

Where the hell has my Monday morning gone? Oh yeah, it was spent in a haze in front of my CRT. I wanted to be up at 5:00 a.m. [well, wanted isn’t the right word, but anyway], but my alarm clock never went off. I woke up when it got light … thank God for both south- and east-facing windows at the Outhouse.

I’ve got to put the air conditioner I bought on Thursday in tonight. I don’t care how late I stay up doing that.

I’m so happy that Noah has redone his site again. The thought that occurred to me is this: the beautiful thing about “starting over” in Greymatter is that you get a first entry … again. Just makes me smile.

Well, work has flopped onto my desk, and while my boss has apologized for dumping it on me, and I’m tensed up to rail about it, other folks pick up my slack when I’m out [ha!], so I might as well pick up theirs [ha! ha!].


  1. I seriously dislike moving, but I can’t fathom hiring movers to move me somewhere in town where it would be seriously cheaper to borrow my parent’s and a couple friends’ trucks and just move everything that way. Now, moving out of state is another matter entirely. I am so about hiring movers for that.

  2. See, I’m the opposite. We hired movers to move us across town, and it was the best $300 we spent on the move. We were literally out of the apartment, in the house, AND had our furniture set up and placed within one day.

    Oh, and we weren’t exhausted at the end of the day either.

    I’m SO a convert.

  3. (re: greymatter) Hmm… I hadn’t thought about it, but yeah, I suppose that is one nice thing about naming the entry files by number instead of date. =)

    I’m quite fond of starting over, personally.

  4. As for moving, my parents and I stopped using movers when we had a bunch of stuff stolen. And there was no point when I moved to DC; I didn’t have that much stuff. 🙂

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