Tottering Off

Well, I have a semi-formed plan of action in my head, and it involves dumping off some stuff to the post office, running to the mall to get a new charger for my phone [more on that in a sec], and then running to the old apartment for at least two loads of stuff tonight.

The charger? I picked it up last night. I tossed it in the laundry hamper I gathered last night of clothes I’d need for work today. I tossed it into my truck when I removed the hamper. I somehow managed to get the cord caught in the door of my truck, where it sheared off. I have a good plug on one end and bare wires on the other. I don’t know quite how I did that–well, like a moron.

I’m going to grab a pile more of clothes and hopefully get my bed disassembled and off to the house tonight. Mind you, I need a new bunky board to go under the mattress, but hey, it’s a start to have the bed in the new place. I figured out that I need a new bunky board when I realized how much better the mattress slept on the floor the last couple of nights … and I thought it was the mattress that was shot. Oh well … the board will be much, much cheaper! 🙂