Loud As We Wanna Be

Man, last night was fun, if unproductive towards getting me moved. I grabbed one load over from the apartment, and a good chunk of it was some laundry I needed to get done. After I got the rest unloaded into the Outhouse, I drove over to the House and tossed my stuff in the laundry.

I made the mistake of wandering into the living room, where Todd was playing Grand Theft Auto III. We hooted, hollered, learned cheat codes, and generally made asses of ourselves at the loudest possible volume. After about an hour, Todd looks at me and says, “The best thing about living here is that we can be as loud as we want.” Funny, because I had just had the same thought …

Then I went back to the Outhouse, stowed the laundry, hooked up my stereo and TV, and proceeded to play NHL 2002 … quite loudly. Nice, so nice. 🙂


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