Rant Warning! Rant Warning!

Astute observers will note the time of this entry, the time of the previous entry, and will realize that work has been bad today. Said observers get one beer. Me, I’m getting the rest of the case. The rest of you can by your own.

Today started off badly. Last night, I stayed up to listen [not watch, since I have no TV] to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. I stayed up even later to listen to Fox Sports Radio blast Bud Selig for the game being called as a 7-7 tie after 11 innings. I think Bud should have pitched, by the way. But today started off badly, for I woke up much later than anticipated. I know my alarm clock works, because I apparently slept-walked over, dickered with it, and got back in bed. I know this because I have a 9-volt battery as a backup for the clock; the cover’s broken, and the battery was propping up the radio. This was not its physical state when I went to bed last night.

Waking up late was just the start. The drive in was fine [unlike yesterday, when I found out that you don’t take Nick Fitcheard Road into town after 7:00 a.m., unless you like to wait bloody forever], and then the meetings hit. I have a daily 9:00 a.m. meeting on my major project. I got out of it at 10:45 because it was immediately followed up with a telecon with one of our Boeing customers. That was okay, because I knew it was happening coming into the day.

Of course, I hadn’t thought about the fun of updating our status sheets. See, I update our schedules for our customer; these are done in Microsoft Project98. But since Allan, our engineering liaison to Boeing, is off liaising at Kennedy Space Center, I’m getting his slack. Why? I’m the closest person we have in job description to him, and I’m already updating status, just in a different form. So I’ve spent the last two days figuring out how Allan’s Excel spreadsheets work. [I just finished, which is why I’m now pecking this entry.]

I left at 12:30 to drive out to the House and wait on the cable installers. And wait. And wait. The only fun was playing Grand Theft Auto III with Blake while I waited. What wasn’t fun was my battery cable coming loose while I was driving, killing the power to my truck immediately. Blessedly, I was in our subdivision when this happened. I have since tightened said cable.

Finally, at 4:45, the installers come. At 4:50, the installers–who are part of a local, just-in-time outfit that installs for Mediacom–realize that there’s only RG-6 cable running to the house, and that’s not good enough for four TV’s on a dwelling more than 150 feet from the cable junction. We banter with the installers [who are kick-ass people] for a while, and we come up with this solution:

1. They give me their home office number to contact them directly about when they’ll have the equipment they need to do our install. [Oddly enough, when Mediacom cancelled the install for them last week and notified me but not them, the installers had the equipment they needed. Mediacom’s customer service and planning functions could suck a dead bunny through a bent straw.]

2. They agreed not to tell Mediacom that Mediacom had failed to disconnect basic cable to the House in the first place; we have TV in the living room at the House for free until they can get the upgraded lines.

3. After we discussed running drops to each bedroom [none are wired for cable] and they noted that it’d cost us $50 per drop, Todd said, “Man, I’ve got to find some coax so we can run this ourselves.” The male installer said, “You know, I’ve had this spool of cable on my truck that’s been trying to fall off all day. It just might on our way out of here.” The female installer laughed and smirked. Sure enough, that damn spool fell right off the truck … guess we don’t have to find cable anymore.

I got to have a great bitchout session with Mediacom, where I made it abundantly clear that they were dolts and were screwing over their subcontractor and their end customer. As a subcontractor, I know all about that–it’s a part of my daily existence.

Then, the most fun comes from the fact that it’s now 5:30 p.m. and I still have work to do. With Other People’s Work–I’m down with OPW, yeah you know me–on my desk, and considering that the Excel sheets are a daily status form that we use in our 9:00 a.m. meetings, I got to come back in to work. Grabbing dinner [did I mention that I left work with so little margin that I didn’t get to grab lunch, and that I didn’t wish to snag food from my roommates, because what little food I have is in the Outhouse?] in a dash, I come back here and beat on Excelt for a while.

And now, it’s 7:30, I’m finished bitching, and all is … okay. I’m going to Best Buy for some retail therapy once the thunderstorm passes, and then I’m going to get some beer on my way home. Huzzah.

Oh well, like Shauna and I discussed:

GFM: Sorry, having to bitch out my cable company something fierce.
GFM: This is going to make a wondrous entry.
Shauna: ooh that’s a good way to look at life. “bad day, but good bloggin'”
GFM: Right.
GFM: Because who wants to read about endlessly good days?
Shauna: no one! happiness makes for a boring read 😛