Okay, so imagine my horror when I pull up Wondergeeks and see that the three most recent entries there are about spinning or weaving. [Don’t believe me? Hit those links, or hit the photo on the next page.]

I said to myself, “Self, we’ve got to do something about this!”

Spinning and Weaving

The first thing I did after viewing all the spinning and weaving entries was to hit Google. The first set of terms I searched for was “we need more testosterone around here”. After chuckling that CT.c was the second site listed, I hit the fifth link: “Testosterone is what makes a man a man.”

That was almostenough, but not quite. So I then searched for “lots of big bad power tools” and came up with a serviceable sales site and a really weird story about a guy named “Big Larry”.

But hey, at least the top spot doesn’t belong to knitting. Knitting! What is the world coming to? I think I need to go home and go play Grand Theft Auto III.


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