Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right …

Let’s see … I’ve got:

— Crazy Japanese customers who want to do business with one of our vendors, who don’t want any part of said business;

— Hardware that’s blowing up in New Jersey thanks to an incompetent vendor;

— An insane customer who took a Silly, Wild-Ass Guess [SWAG] as Gospel Truth and scheduled the Crew Office to show up on a date that the customer’s slow nature will force us to miss;

— And my Tuesday job plus another guy’s.

God loves me. All is right in the world. I believe the first, and I keep chanting the second …


  1. Great. Thanks. Just what I need — Stealer’s Wheel in my head all day.

    A *thwap* is reserved for you at Casa Domesticat. You may pick it up at your convenience…

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