The mind boggles at how much insane stuff I would come up with for the Blogathon. Can’t you just see me hopped up on Diet Mountain Dew, hunkered down in the Outhouse posting all sorts of random things on IJSM and taking NHL2002 breaks?

Yeah, and I have to do the video at church that Sunday, so there’s no way I’d make it. 🙂


  1. Really, it does. Any other weekend, and I’d probably be stupid and try it.

    See, now if I had a CMS where I could post-date entries for release, this wouldn’t be a problem … but GM won’t let you do that. 🙂

  2. Nah.

    This is the point where I look in and say, "Blogathon? On IJSM? This is different from a typical day….how?"


    THEN I’d say that I was working on the CMS and ‘sheesh’ and all that jazz. 😀

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