Watch Out For That Tree!

Geofro, Geofro of C-T
Geofro, Geofro of C-T
Geofro, Geofro of C-T
Watch out for that tree!

Hell, it was one of my MSMS roommates who reminds me of Brendan Fraser [of George of the Jungle fame], not me. Unfortunately, Drake didn’t pass that message on to me, and like an idiot, I did run into that damned tree, and I have photographic proof.

Mind you, these photos are very hard for me to post. It’s not that I won’t admit my stupidity–while I have indeed been infected with New Car Feverรฏยฟยฝ, I love my truck very much, despite my father’s entreaties that you should never love something that can’t love you back.

View of the wrecked Darlene from the front.
But, you can see that I did a fair amount of damage to the vehicle.

View of the wrecked Darlene from the side.
Go around to the side of the vehicle and you get a better feel for it.

View of the wrecked Darlene from the tree's perspective.
I took a photo under the hood just to see what I could see.

View of the wrecked Darlene from the front.
This is what the tree saw. I fought the tree; the tree won.

Addendum: Oh, and last night, Anthony and I went to Wally-World. He pulled into the driveway and did the same three-point turn on the way out. He told me this morning, “Man, I can see just how you did that. I nearly hit the damn thing, and I was on the look out for it. I’m all for chopping that tree down.” My reply is unprintable on this site.


  1. You know the difference between what you did and what Anthony did? It was dark when Anthony almost hit it. You did it at dusk when there was still a good bit of light. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just had to get that extra kick in there, you know while your down and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. -sigh- Yeah.

    I called the collision shop; they’re covered up today and have had seven other USAA claims to assess. [Must be those damn Georgia jumping pines … I heard there was an infestation.] They’ll look at it first thing in the morning and give me a call.

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