Moving On, Moving In

Okay, well, tomorrow promises to be fun. I just have three hours left in this work week; while I may have work to do, I’ll be happy to come in and do it on Saturday when I can get paid for it rather than stay here tomorrow when I’ll be donating my time past, oh, 11:00 a.m. So I’ve got my DirecTV installer set up to come on out and get me hooked up with DirecTV. I’ll also head out to the collision shop to get all my junk out of the truck before they take her wherever they take totaled vehicles.

Tomorrow night, I’ll try to catch up with the kids from church and see a movie with them. If USAA gets off their duff and gets their paperwork processed, I have an outside chance of having a vehicle tomorrow, but I figure I’m looking at early next week before I get anything.

Now, I’ve got to go chase a couple documents down, tape up this box, ship it out, and head to the house. I have things to do at home …