Another Manic Weekend …

Wow, what an odd weekend.

Friday night, Anthony and I hit the Jello Room. [No, there wasn’t any jello wrestling that night. Alas.] I was miffed at a place that didn’t serve beers on tap [hell, I’ll serve beer on tap at home as soon as I can find an old refrigerator, a CO2 cylinder, and the necessary drill bits…], but I lived. I have decided that Labatt Blue, from a bottle, is okay by me. [Molson is for crap, though.]

Saturday morning, I had another freaking migraine. [Yes, I have an appointment at the end of the week. Stop kvetching, all of you.] It wasn’t bad, and I got over it. I snagged a pressure washer so the houses could get cleaned off, which was about as much fun as you would imagine. Anthony and Todd are two pressure-washing fools, I tell you. I think Anthony actually enjoys it.

Saturday evening, rather than hitting Sammy T’s, I stayed home with Todd to do some stuff on the house. He was gracious enough to help me install the air conditioner on the Fourth but hadn’t installed. Then we went back to the main house and started roughing in the cable and Ethernet drops. Roughing in drops with a handsaw blade without a handle sucks, but not nearly as much as crawling around the attic at midnight with hockey shin guards on–right, Todd?

Yesterday was church, then pressure washing, then more church–lots and lots of water balloon wars–and more attic wiring. I was going to offer to hit the attic for Todd, but when I got home, he was already up there, and it’s a one-butt attic that mine won’t fit. Todd and I bitched and futzed and got most everything wired up by, oh, 1:15 this morning. There’s a reason that both of us were a little slow to get to work. Sucks for Todd that his workload increases this week, while mine has decreased significantly with my buddy Allan’s return.

Gah, my shoulder is acting up again. It took seven Advil to get it to stop this morning, and that only after two hours. Oh well, it’ll only hurt one more day, and it’s not like I subluxed it or anything. The pain was actually good, because it kept me awake during the Three Hour Status Meeting from Hell. I’ve been back in my office for an hour, just staring at the CRT and randomly talking to people. I so need to figure out what I have to do this afternoon, because I’m behind the ball already thanks to that meeting. Grrr.


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