Darlene, Is That You?

“USAA Loss Department.”

“Hi, this is Geof Morris, policy number #######, and I’m checking on the status of my July 13th claim.”

“Hold on one minute, Mr. Morris, while I pull that up.”


“Well, it seems that we don’t have all the information we need. Judy has a call in to the collision shop.”

“That’s funny … he told me on Friday that he had all the information in to you and to expect a call today.”

“Well, it’s only a 54% loss, so we’re trying to figure out why he wrote it up as a total loss.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I’ll call back later.”

“Okay, Mr. Morris. Have a nice day, and thanks for using USAA.”

They think my truck is worth $6000? These people are on crack. The collision shop and I put it at more like $4500; it’d be up near $5500 if it wasn’t a high-mileage vehicle.

And so the saga drags on …